Miniaturized laser-com modules presented at ICSO 2020 conference

ORIONAS optical pre-amplifier CAD model

Liam Henwood-Moroney from G&H presented work on “Miniaturized optical communications modules for space applications”. The presentation included the joint work with LEO Space Photonics on the design and preliminary functional testing of ORIONAS radiation resistant, compact optical pre-amplifier. The paper is now accessible through SPIE digital library as Open access publication.

Paper abstract: In order to meet the future data rate requirements for micro- and nano-satellites, optical communications has been identified as a key enabling technology. This paper presents the latest developments at G&H in realizing the next-generation of optical communications sub-systems for SmallSat and Cubesat applications. Two C-band laser transmitter versions are presented, each generating 200mW within the C-band and capable of operating at 1Gb/s with different size, weight and power (SWaP), as per the application or laser terminal form factor requirements. The design for a Watt-level, 10 Gb/s laser transmitter suitable for Small- and Cubesats platforms is also presented. Finally, a new class of miniaturized low-noise optical fiber amplifier modules offering >55 dB small signal gain and <5 dB noise figure for bi-directional optical links is reported.

Click the link below to access the article and watch the recorded presentation:

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