Compact, radiation resistant pre-amplifier presented at ICSOS conference

ORIONAS compact, rad-tolerant optical pre-amplifier

The compact, radiation resistant low-noise optical fiber pre-amplifier developed in ORIONAS was presented at this year’s IEEE International Conference on Space Optical Systems and Applications (ICSOS) 2022 that took place as a virtual event. The presentation included project results on radiation testing, AIT of bread-board and Engineering Model as well as functional testing in a system testbed.

Leontios Stampoulidis (project co-ordinator) presented the talk titled “Compact radiation resistant, high-gain optical fiber preamplifier for small 1.55 um laser-com terminals”. The publication is a joint work between LEO Space Photonics, Gooch & Housego and Thales Alenia Space.

Paper abstract:

We present the development of a radiation resistant erbium doped fiber pre-amplifier suitable for integration in small satellite laser communication terminals. The work has been performed within the frames of EU H2020-SPACE-ORIONAS project.

Follow the link below to download a pre-print of the manuscript published in Zenodo repository.


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