Compact optical pre-amplifier design and functional performance presented at SPIE Photonics West 2021

ORIONAS compact optical fiber pre-amplifier CAD model

Gooch and Housego and LEO Space Photonics report ORIONAS work on the design and functional performance of the compact, radiation resistant low noise optical fiber pre-amplifier.

Gooch and Housego presented work in “Miniaturized modules for space-based optical communication” in this year SPIE Photonics West Conference – session on Free-Space Laser Communications. The presentation included the work done in collaboration with LEO Space Photonics on the development of compact radiation resistant low noise fiber pre-amplifiers in the frames of ORIONAS project.

Paper abstract:

We present recent progress in developing miniaturized optical transmitters and receiver amplifiers for space communications. Three C-band high-speed optical transmitter designs are presented: a bespoke 300 mW version as part of TNO’s “SmallCat” terminal to fly on-board NordSat and two variants that provide 300 mW and 3 W of optical power complying to standard cubesat form factors. In addition to these transmitters, an ultra-small form factor, high gain, low noise amplifier, for boosting received signals is presented.”

Follow the link below to read the manuscript and watch the presentation!

Follow the link below to download a draft of the manuscript published in Zenodo repository.

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