Optical transceiver & amplifier assemblies presented at SPIE Photonics West 2022

ORIONAS DPSK transmitter optical sub-assembly prototype

ORIONAS progress on manufacturing, assembly and packaging of DPSK optical transmitter, receiver and low-noise pre-amplifier was presented at 2022 SPIE Photonics West. The presentation was part of SPIE LASE, Free-Space Laser Communications XXXIV session.

Leontios Stampoulidis (project co-ordinator) was invited to present the talk titled “H2020-SPACE-ORIONAS miniaturized optical transceivers and amplifiers for high-speed optical inter-satellite links”.

Paper abstract:

The European H2020-SPACE-ORIONAS project targets the development of optical transceiver and amplifier integrated circuits and modules applicable to high-speed and compact laser communication terminals. This paper presents the most recent project achievements in two areas. Firstly, the fabrication of high-speed electronic-photonic modulator and receiver circuits monolithically integrated in the silicon photonics platform and their assembly in bread-board level photonic modules. Secondly, the assembly, integration and testing of a radiation resistant, high-gain optical fiber pre-amplifier which exploits hi-rel small form factor fiber optics to shrink the module mass and footprint.

Link to SPIE digital library:


Follow the link below to download a draft of the manuscript published in Zenodo repository.


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